The speaker series

The Speaker Series will serve to enrich the education and spiritual formation of the San Marino Community Church congregation, provide dynamic opportunities to engage with the local community, and convene a wider regional or national audience.


  • SMCC will host an annual speaker series.
  • The series will provide innovative learning for church members and those in the community, engaging in conversation and educational opportunities on the featured topics.
  • Utilizing the recent technology investments, SMCC will also convene a wider regional or national audience.
  • Speaker and topic selection will be determined by a committee.
  • Topics will relate to pressing, sometimes controversial, cultural issues and questions of the day, but should be grounded in a desire for restoration and encouragement, promoting civil discourse, peace, and understanding.
  • Residents will oversee the administrative responsibilities of coordinating the Speaker Series alongside other SMCC staff.
  • Guest speakers will have strong name recognition and be respected experts in their field.
  • Complementary events (e.g. workshops, panel discussions, podcast recordings) will be led by the Residents.
  • The structure for the Speaker Series will be flexible from year-to-year in its offering of topics and convenience of scheduling for SMCC. (e.g. One large weekend conference or four smaller quarterly events.)

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May 2, 2021, "Speaker Series"