The residency

The Residency is a program which will enable San Marino Community Church to maintain our existing, valuable connection with Princeton Theological Seminary by allowing us to invest in training future ministers in the PC(USA) who are both rooted in tradition, and innovative in communicating that tradition to an ever-changing society.


  • SMCC will establish a rolling two-year residency program for recent graduates of Princeton Theological Seminary.
  • One new resident would be selected to begin each year, resulting in two concurrent residents participating after the first year.
  • This program will allow SMCC to maintain our existing, valuable connection with Princeton Theological Seminary.
  • The Residency will create a space for a steady stream of bright talent to come and inform the ongoing ministry of SMCC, providing important support for the operations of the church while also diversifying and adding immense value to the church.
  • While the focus of The Residency will be on innovation and the intersection of theology and culture, the church and resident will adapt the approach for each resident based upon the needs of the church and the strengths of the resident.
  • For those eligible, this position is ordainable at a level equivalent to a temporary Associate Pastor.
  • Seventy five percent of the residents’ time will be focused on six units of practical training in:  i) worship (traditional & contemporary), ii) business administration, iii) pastoral care, iv) stewardship, v) volunteer recruitment & management, vi) vision casting & strategic approach.
  • Residents will receive mentoring provided by established ministers. (e.g. Ron White, Tom Tewell, and Tom Erickson have already committed.)
  • 25% of the residents’ time will be focused on the administrative responsibilities of the O’Grady Speaker Series.
  • The Residency will give us the opportunity to provide practical applied innovation.
  • Residents will develop new models for ministry in a post-pandemic world.


In addition to the residency details outlined above, this program will foster connectionalism between the east and west coasts for the Presbyterian Church (USA.). The east coast faithfully provides education that is rooted in the depth of the Reformed tradition and yet is expansive enough to equip ministers to serve in a variety of contexts. The west coast provides a context that is rooted in exploration and innovation, often leading in societal shifts and trends that affect religious life and traditions. Uniting the strengths of each coast, this residency will serve those looking to be innovative within the church at large, equip them to be nimble and wise, and give them tools to spark innovation to lead with a future-focused vision on the intersection of theology and culture. 


April 25, 2021 "The Residency"