What is the Jeff & Lynn O’Grady Theology & Culture Fund?

Honoring the ministry of Jeff & Lynn O’Grady, the O'Grady Fund will create opportunities that focus on the intersection of theology and culture through 1) an endowed residency for recent graduates of Princeton Theological Seminary and 2) an annual speaker series in San Marino, California. Jeff and Lynn devoted their professional lives to building institutions of learning and spiritual formation; this fund will continue in that legacy, offering pathways of diverse opportunity for SMCC to grow in a post-pandemic society.


In this first phase, the O'Grady Fund will serve as a six-year endowment for the initial rollout with a thorough evaluation process to determine its effectiveness. At the end of the six years, pending positive evaluations, additional funds will be raised to continue the program for a second phase. 



April 18, 2021 "Overview"