Stewardship is a time when we offer our annual estimates of giving as a reflection of our continuing thanks to God for all He has bestowed on our church family. We seek to have every member of the congregation participate in this campaign. Stewardship is always more about the giver than the gift!  

After a two-year-long strategic planning process, we have identified three imperatives for the future of San Marino Community Church: building transformative relationships (heart), reframing our daily thinking (head), and mission without barriers (hands). With these objectives in mind, we have reimagined more effective approaches to our programs, our community engagement, and our pastoral care…But how to make these a reality?

We are creating a New Initiatives Fund enabling the congregation to adjust and build ministries that align with the heart, head, and hands of Christ. All funds that exceed last year’s estimates, and all new estimates of giving, will go into this New Initiatives Fund to support our ministries. This means that anyone who decides to invest in our faith community for the first time will support the imagination and creativity of our church going forward. Specifically, this fund will support our technology to better communicate and care for all ages of congregants, new programming to support busy, young families, and expansion of our youth ministries from birth through college graduation.

SMCC offers moral and spiritual education to people of all ages at the church. Bible studies, small groups, marriage enrichment, conversational English classes, choirs, the Virginia Road Band, weddings, memorial services, home communions, hospital visits, beauty and majesty in worship, Christmas, Easter, Lacy Park Sunrise – the list goes on and on. Your estimate of giving is an investment that goes a long way to help sustain your favorite programs and ministries. Let’s all reimagine San Marino Community Church and how we can continue to build for today, and for the future.