"If You Have Faith ...Nothing Will be Impossible for You"  Matthew 17:20

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2020-2021 Stewardship Campaign "Rising Together: Big Challenges. Bigger Faith.”

Stewardship is a time when we offer our annual estimates of giving as a reflection of our continuing thanks to God for all He has bestowed on our church family. We seek to have every member of the congregation participate in this campaign. Stewardship is always more about the giver than the gift!  

This year’s theme is inspired by who we are, and a reminder of who we aspire to be. So much has transpired within the San Marino Community Church congregation in 2020. From a global pandemic, to the transition to online worship, to news of Reverend O’Grady’s retirement, – the only constant has been change! But with that change has come incredible opportunities, grounded in a legacy of faith that has prepared us for this moment. We are a community that has demonstrated that we are not defined by the challenges placed in our path, but by the One who guides our steps. Learn more about the The Jeff & Lynn O'Grady Theology and Culture Fund


The faithfulness of our congregation to last year’s Estimates of Giving, has put us in the strong position of being adaptable when we were faced with challenges. SMCC offers moral and spiritual education to people of all ages at the church. Bible studies, small groups, marriage enrichment, conversational English classes, choirs, the Virginia Road Band, weddings, memorial services, home communions, hospital visits, beauty and majesty in worship, Christmas, Easter, Lacy Park Sunrise – the list goes on and on. Your estimate of giving is an investment that sustains your favorite programs and ministries, and allows us to be responsive to new needs that arise so that we can be sure the Church is able to provide this enrichment no matter what form it takes. As we ask you to submit an Estimate of Giving for the 2021 year, we invite you to consider the community, stability, and encouragement that San Marino Community Church brings to your life. For those who receive from this community, we invite you to give back as you are able so that we can provide strength and stability for the next season.

We cannot know the challenges that lie ahead, but we have confidence that our faithfulness to God’s call will lead us to become who He wants us to be in the midst of those challenges. We are a community with a strong and steady foundation. When we join together and rise above challenges with faith, we know that God will be faithful to lead us to new life, opportunities, and growth. As we are reminded in Matthew 17:20 “If you have faith…nothing will be impossible for you.” Thank you in advance for your faithful generosity to prepare us for fruitful days ahead.


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