of San MArino Community CHURCH

The Foundation of San Marino Community Church, established in 1958, creates current and future giving opportunities for members of the Church who give back in response to God's blessings. The Foundation is an active steward of the Church's endowment, a collection of pooled and individual funds which donors have asked the Foundation to hold and invest in perpetuity. Disbursements from the endowment are distributed on an annual basis and support every aspect of the Church's ministries: children, student and adult ministries; worship and music ministries; mission grants; and care of the sanctuary, manse and physical facility. The Cornerstone Society consists of those who have included the Foundation or San Marino Community Church in their estate plans.

The purpose of funds donated to The Foundation differs from regular gifts to the Stewardship Campaign or Estimates of Giving. The best way to explain these differences is in terms of a checking account verses long-term savings.

Estimates of Giving (via the Stewardship Campaign) are used to fund the operating budget for that year only, and include support for all of the church’s ministries and programs, and regular maintenance for the property. While the church’s budget covers daily operating expenses, it cannot absorb all necessary long-term capital improvements and special projects, and has only limited capacity for weathering difficult economic times. Estimates of Giving act like a checking account that allows us to meet those expenses that we can reasonably project year-to-year.

Gifts to The Foundation are invested in perpetuity like a savings account, with disbursements made annually to support aspects of the church’s ministries that go above and beyond the annual operating budget. In this way, it acts as a savings account for the church, providing financial stability for those expenses not foreseen in the budget.

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2020 Foundation Mission Grants

The Foundation makes grants once a year from the Mission Grants Fund, to organizations in the greater San Gabriel Valley. Grants are made only for modest capital acquisitions. Completed applications are due no later than Friday, October 30, 2020. Grants will be announced and disbursed in late December.  

In light of COVID-19, we are implementing a fully online submission process. Please read the instructions in their entirety before submitting.

1. Click on the “2020 Foundation Mission Grant Application” below and save/download the application.

2. Email the completed application to

3. Once your application has been processed, you will be contacted by the Director of Development with a unique, password protected Dropbox link to upload supporting documents, and a deadline do so.

4. Once all supporting documents have been processed, the Director of Development will confirm the status of your submission.

5. Grants will be announced and disbursed in mid-December 2020.

2020 Foundation Mission Grant Application