San Marino Community Church is honored to walk with you through life’s many seasons. 

Our staff is committed to helping you plan any of these sacred occasions in a way that is deeply meaningful for you and your loved ones. For all inquiries, please contact Skip Ober Miller

  • baptisms

    Members of San Marino Community Church may have their children baptized at any of our quarterly scheduled services. An informal session is held with a pastor prior to baptisms, exploring the meaning and responsibilities of the sacrament.

  • memorials

    At San Marino Community Church, a memorial service is an opportunity to recognize the loss of loved ones and to celebrate their lives. Expressing the faith of the church, the memorial service is an occasion of dignity, reverence, and remembrance. The pastors carefully follow the guidelines of the Directory of Worship, a part of the Constitution of the Presbyterian Church (USA). 

    Memorial Planning Guide

    Memorial Service Rates

  • Weddings

    At San Marino Community Church a wedding is an act of worship where two people commit their lives in God’s presence. The joyful celebration of this union is available to all who seriously desire it and is not limited to members. Ordinarily, nonmember weddings are limited to couples with either the bride or groom residing within the greater San Gabriel Valley.

    San Marino Community Church has provided a place of worship and a beautiful setting for weddings since its founding in 1941. We are delighted to be a part of this important time in the lives of so many couples. The marriage service is a time of worship before God, which focuses upon marriage as a gift of God. As such, either the bride or groom (or both) should be a professing Christian. 

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