San Marino Community Church is a community of believers in Jesus Christ. For over 80 years, our identity has been marked by the fact that we believe life in Jesus is meant to be shared – with others and for others.

We create community around wonder and healing and justice and joy.

At San Marino Community Church, we believe that life in Christ invites us to glimpse the eternal, and participate in the wonder and awe of God’s story. In our worship practices, this is experienced through our commitment to musical excellence and inspirational teaching that reminds us that the majesty of God’s kingdom is ours to enjoy even today.

We believe that to journey toward Christ in community results in a path to healing for all aspects of our life. Our community is filled with opportunities to live truthfully with one another and experience loving friendship that transforms us and equips us to overcome.

We believe that followers of Christ are called to pursue justice – for the marginalized and the “least of these,” in our own community and around the world. We do not shy away from difficult conversations and challenge ourselves to consider the needs of others as part of our spiritual practice. We invest our resources in efforts that reflect our belief that every life is important and deserving of safety, dignity, love, and redemption.

We believe in joy. The hope and healing found in Christ is ours to enjoy, so we make it a point prioritize fun together. We hope you’ll join us!