We are so glad you're here

We don’t know what encouraged you to look for a church, let alone what brought you to this website for SMCC, but we don’t believe that you’re here by accident.

In the busy culture we share, it can feel like a challenge to tend to our physical, emotional, and mental health. Often, our spiritual health is the most easily neglected. But we believe that our spiritual life and health is important, particularly given the necessary demands of work, family, school, and social commitments that wrestle for our attention every day.

That’s why we at SMCC are committed to being a community of wonder, healing, justice, and joy, because these are the things that are often pushed aside by life’s relentless demand, but they are also the places where God often dwells.

We have a lot of different people in our community. Some of us have lived here for decades, whereas some of us have just recently moved into the neighborhood, others of us live in the surrounding communities. We have people that battle the daily commute, who work in the home or from home, who attend school or classes, and others who are enjoying retirement. We don’t vote the same way, or love the same people, or all enjoy the same hobbies, but we come together because we know that we are called by the same God who equips us to love people, to hold space for each other, and to journey alongside one another through life’s expected and unexpected turns.

We hope that you will come spend some time with us in one of the ways that feels most welcoming to you, be it in person or online, and that you will encounter the presence of God. If there is anything our pastor or staff can do to help you to get to know SMCC, please don’t hesitate to contact us or stop by for a visit. We are looking forward to meeting you!


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