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  • THIS WEEK AND MORE - August 19

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    Circle of Women - Resumes August 30, HOLY YOGA*

    Thursdays, 9:15-10:45 am, Church Lounge

    Looking for a supportive group of friends? Want to apply scripture to our lives today? Women's Circle provides a place where women of all ages and stages can share and learn from each other’s experience. This is a great chance to go deeper in our faith. Child care is provided on Thursdays. 

    *Circle of Women kicks off the fall with a FREE YOGA CLASS in Westminster Hall on August 30th, all women of all levels are welcome! Bring your yoga mat (extra mats available, if you don’t have one) and come as you are! Childcare provided. Led by Carolina Cotman, Curative Yoga Instructor.  Contact Circle of Women

    SMCC Ministry Fair

    Sunday, September 9, 10:00 am, Courtyard

    Fall is the time to try something new . . . and put your life on track!

    Get on Board, Sunday, September 9, as we take the ride of a lifetime. We start the fall season with an energetic  Ministry Fair! All our wonderful ministries here at SMCC will be out in the courtyard to tell you about how you can get connected. Find your place to serve and grow, and meet some great new friends. September 9 also marks the return to fall worship schedule: 9:00 Traditional, 9:00 Contemporary and 10:30 Classic. Don't this FALL MINISTRY FAIR - it’s a great opportunity to deepen and grow your faith by getting involved in a class or experiential setting. 

    Third Grade Bible Presentation Celebration

    Sunday, September 30, 9:00 am Traditional Worship

    On this special day, we invite all the families of our third grade students to join us for breakfast at 8:00 am in the Community Room, and to stay for 9:00 am worship. We will be celebrating the receiving of their Bibles in both the Contemporary and Traditional worship services


    We present Bibles so that children may cultivate a desire to read the Scriptures on their own, with parents, and with teachers and friends in Sunday School. It is also the hope that the Bible your child receives becomes a tangible reminder of his/her growing years at San Marino Community Church.


    Each year, we also give the children an opportunity to not only receive Bibles but also to send Bibles to people in different parts of the world who are waiting to receive copies of God’s Word in their own languages. As in years past, we are partnering with Ministry of Hope to purchase and distribute a Children’s Bible in Chichewan (Malawi’s primary language) for $8.50 or three Bibles for $25. We invite you to participate by making a check payable to SMCC and indicating “Ministry of Hope” in the memo. As your family makes a contribution to Ministry of Hope in your child’s name, we hope that your child will learn to value his/her own Bible while being a part of what God is doing in places beyond our faith community. What a great opportunity it is to open our children’s eyes to God’s world and to deepen their hearts of compassion!


    If you would like your third grader to participate, please let us know by Tuesday, September 4 so that we may order the appropriate number of Bibles and have them inscribed. Please note that Bibles will only be given out to those children whose parents have indicated that they would like their child to receive one.  

    Contact Family Ministries

    Monday Night Bible Study - Begins September 10

    6:00 - 7:30 pm, Church Lounge

    Monday Night Bible Study is a group that is open to all women, led by Pastor Jan Cook. We welcome you to join us on Monday evenings for engaging discussion, prayer, lots of laughter, friendship and quite often decadent snacking!

    This fall, we study Naked Spirituality by Brian McLaren who confronts how the lack of a simple, doable, durable spirituality undermines the very transformation God is calling us to undergo. He presents a four-stage framework for understanding the spiritual life, and he unfolds spiritual practices appropriate to each stage rooted in a simple word: here, thanks, O, sorry, help, please, when, no, why, behold, yes, and silence. His most influential to date, McLaren's book strips down to the bare essentials; cutting through stale debates, old ideologies, and ethereal theology to unveil a simple love for God and neighbor that is worth devoting your life to. 

    Please purchase your book before class begins wherever you go for your books and come prepared to make new friends, reunite with old friends and engage in conversations and study about our lives together in Christ.  

    Falling Apart or Moving Together? The Story of the Post-Reformation Church

    Sundays, September 23 – October 18, 4:00 – 6:00 pm, Fellowship Hall

    The Reformation—and then what?! We know what happened in the Reformation: Martin Luther stood firm, Catherine Zell took Luther's ideas to heart and interpreted scripture, John Calvin transformed Geneva . . . but what happened afterwards? Did people shake hands and agree? Or agree to disagree? Not so much. This fall, we will look at the aftermath of the Reformation in both the Catholic and Protestant churches—in Europe and around the world. Led by  Dr. Becky King Cerling. Topics will include: 

    September 23: Reformed Consequences: the context and issues facing post-Reformation Europe.

    September 30: The (never-ending) 30 Years War.

    October 7: The emphasis on orthodox beliefs—as a way of guaranteeing belief and belonging.

    October 14: The swing toward warm-hearted pietism—focused more on love of God and neighbor than on strict beliefs.

    October 21: Reforming Catholics: The Council of Trent and the Jesuits

    October 28: International Celebration Dinner Event !

    November 4: The Church moves on—and out from Europe


    Help lead small groups of students through the week. It all starts with a conversation with Pastor Becca or Sophia Alecci

    Student Application

    Adult Application


    Sunday, September 23, 5:00 - 6:30pm, South Green

    Join SMCC's fall kick off with a fun evening of free In-N-Out Burgers, live music by Virginia Road Band, train rides for the kids, and lots more! Meet at the south green next to the parking lot. RSVP by Thursday, September 13. There's a seat for everyone, so Get On Board!

    Tuesday Evening Bible Study

    An Invitation to Joy: Reading the Bible of Our Times

    Begins October 9, 6:00 pm, Community Room

    We live in times that are anything but joyful, and yet the Bible keeps insisting we are made for joy. God wants joy for each of his children. Jesus promises joy as the key to human completeness. This is the story of the Bible. We need this promise more than ever. But how do we even read the Bible anymore in an age of pervasive skepticism? Each week in this class we will read a selected passage from the Bible—a story, a Psalm, a parable, a letter—and work together to become better readers of the Bible. In the process, we will try to reclaim the promise of Christian joy for our lives and for our world. Contact Phil Eaton