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    Falling Apart or Moving Together? The Story of the Post-Reformation Church

    Sundays, September 23 – November 4, 4:00 – 6:00 pm, Fellowship Hall

    This Week, October 14: 

    After all the post-Reformation wars, people were tired.  And the precise thinking of orthodox theologians didn’t help.  People, in a nutshell, wanted a return to the earlier evangelical fervor they had experienced at the start of the Reformation.  This desire engendered Pietism—a focus more on love of God and neighbor rather than on strict beliefs.  This week we’ll see two publishing ministries that have continued for over 300 years.  And we’ll meet a man who, although he specialized in teaching Hebrew and Greek, is remembered for his ministry with children who continued to suffer after the trauma of the 30 Years War.    Join us!

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    Join us for a Dinner in Spain!

    Sunday October 28, 4:00 - 6:00 pm, O'Grady Manse

    Spain comes to San Marino Community Church! As our Post Reformation Lectures continue through history, we will stop in Spain for a celebration with friends. Please join us for a fun evening of great food, fabulous wines and sobremesa - the Spanish custom of lingering after a meal with friends. This special evening offers a traditional spanish menu of tapas, salad, and Paella, plus a curated Spanish wine tasting led by a sommelier from Everson Royce! 

    Wine & Dinner, $50 per person. Your check to "SMCC" is your reservation. Childcare is available.  Deadline is October 22

    Tuesday Evening Bible Study

    An Invitation to Joy: Reading the Bible of Our Times

    6:00 - 7:00 pm, Community Room

    We live in times that are anything but joyful, and yet the Bible keeps insisting we are made for joy. God wants joy for each of his children. Jesus promises joy as the key to human completeness. This is the story of the Bible. We need this promise more than ever. But how do we even read the Bible anymore in an age of pervasive skepticism? Each week in this class we will read a selected passage from the Bible—a story, a Psalm, a parable, a letter—and work together to become better readers of the Bible. In the process, we will try to reclaim the promise of Christian joy for our lives and for our world. Contact Dr. Phil Eaton



    Everyone is invited to bring candy (fun size or larger) for our annual Candy Packaging Party. Join us at the Packaging Party, October 28, 10:00 am to pack up candy and “tickets” to our free Family Movie Afternoon event, Disney’s Monsters Inc. shows on Nov. 4 at 4:00 pm in Westminster Hall. Take these goodie bags home to hand out to friends, neighbors, and trick-or-treaters. Extra movie afternoon tickets will be available for those who wish to package their own candy at home. Contact Family Ministries

    Trunk or Treat

    Sunday, October 28 | 4:00 – 6:00 pm |South Parking Lot

    Parents are invited to decorate the back of their cars for Halloween, load up on candy, and come hang out in our parking lot for kids to "trick or treat" from car to car -- safe, seasonal fun for everyone!

    Kid's Movie Party (and Parents’ Day Off!)

    Sunday, November 4 | 4:00 pm - 6:00 pm | Fellowship Hall

    Parents can take an afternoon off while the kids hang out and enjoy snacks, pizza, crafts, and a fun movie. We will be watching "Monster's Inc." Suggested donation of $12 per child.

    Save the Dates!

    Mission Market is Sunday, November 11

    Giving Tree Begins, November 18th

    Thanksgiving is November 22 (offices are closed Friday the 23rd)